Get Involved

There are numerous ways that you can get involved with Give US Your Poor’s work addressing homelessness.  The rewards are often for others but also for yourself, and the satisfaction and opening of your heart in service to others and our community.  If you would like to get involved with any of the above suggestions, or in other ways, we ask that you first email or phone John McGah, Executive Director, at 781-373-7069 or [email protected].  When you do please write or express:

  • What you’d think you’d like to do to start (if you know)
  • Your background and skill sets
  • What you’d like to get out of volunteering besides helping alleviate homelessness (develop skill sets, expand your networks, other?)
  • Your realistic time availability

Thank you for your interest, we look forward to crafting with you ways to get involved that meet your interests and realistic availability.  We particularly need help in reaching more middle and high schools with our Close to Home curriculum, getting our PSAs run on local cable stations and other outlets, and hosts of dinner parties.

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