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“No Good Reason” is a short film documenting the recording of a song written by a 15-year-old girl living in a homeless shelter, performed by her and other remarkable musicians who have experienced homeless for the Give US Your Poor music CD. The song is produced by singer/songwriter, Natalie Merchant, who also sings on the track. This documentary has appeared in 37 film festivals across the U.S. winning two awards and interview clips from all artists involved.

Give US Your Poor Video

No Good Reason
Give US Your Poor featured on the Steve Katsos Show.
Pras interview on PBS part 1
Pras interview on PBS part2
Greek tenor Mario Frangoulis and soul legend Mighty Sam McClain perform
Natalie M live in Boston: Give US Your Poor Concert for the Homeless: Natalie Merchant, “Break Your Heart”
Natalie Merchant & friends doc short
Obama addressing homelessness
Mario Frangoulis & John McGah on Cn8
My Name is not Those People”: Created for Be the Change: A Benefit Luncheon for Building Changes. Give US Your Poor friends contribute: Poem by Julia Dinsmore, Reading by Danny Glover, and Photography by Lynn Blodgett.
HUD’s Affordable Housing Crisis: A video from the American News Project. An overview of the Obama Administration and HUD’s challenges to face the ongoing housing crisis, plus the perspective of a woman living in Section 8.
Natalie Merchant & friends PSA: Give US Your Poor
Epidemic: Teens Beat Homeless: Throughout the United States, more and more teenagers are viciously assaulting homeless people for no apparent reason. CBS News reports on this alarming and consistently growing trend.
Jon Bon Jovi PSA: Give US Your Poor
East Coast Stories: Give US Your Poor documentary short
National Coalition for the Homeless: A moving overview of the work of the National Coalition for the Homeless (NCH) and the impact of their work on people that have experienced homelessness. NCH was founded in 1982
Natalie Merchant on ABC World News: Natalie Merchant is ABC’s Person of the Week for her work with Give US Your Poor
“Faces of Homelessness”: Produced by the National Coalition for the Homeless. A group of students from Illinois takes an alternative spring break to learn about homelessness in the nation’s capital.
“Long Way Home” Music Video – Bruce Springsteen
Give US Your Poor Concert for Boston’s Homeless: Buffalo Tom, “Ink Falling (Father Outside)”, Strand Theater, Boston, MA(3:45)

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